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Peni Acayo

Penina AcayoHi, my name is Penina Acayo though a lot of people know me Peni because for some reason, my name was always pronounced the wrong way. I am originally from kampala, Uganda though I have been in the U.S since 2007. I was introduced to graphic design as a sophomore in College and ever since then, I have never looked back.

David B. Berman in his book, do good design, how designers can change the world (2009), poses a question that still lingers on my mind. He invites designers to think about what could become possible if designers used their power to influence choices and beliefs in a positive and sustainable way. Berman’s writing challenged me to consider what kind of designer I want to be and in what ways I want my design to influence others. I want to be a designer who not only does good design but who also does good with it. I have learned how to appreciate the design process that involves research, communication and creativity. As I keep on growing as a designer, I hope my work is creative, beautiful and possibly leads to social change.

Where did you do your undergraduate studies?
I completed my undergraduate studies from Goshen College in Indiana and I majored in Art with a concentration in pre-architecture and Graphic Design.

What are some of your interests?
Since High school, I had always been involved in Fine arts and crafts which I believe is where my love for design in general started. I absolutely love to work with my hands and am constantly finding ways to fuse my love for sculpture with Graphic Design. I also love sports and have always been a student-athlete since college and am currently on the kent state track and field team.

You may acces this link to my thesis process:

Peni's Thesis Blog

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