VCD/KSU Graduate Program

IAKM / Course Registration Redesign

Course Overview
Advanced Information Architecture an IAKM (Advanced Information and Knowledge Management) course, explores the roles of Information Architects and Visual Designers, and their respective work processes to develop solutions to user experience problems on the Web. The goal is to encourage students to use their professional and academic skills to create innovative solutions in a group setting. The problem presented was to redesign a university course registration system.

The charge for the design team in Advanced IA was to identify areas for site improvement, doing competitive analysis, requirements analysis, usability studies, user testing, and visual design.


Experience Teaching
Graduate students seeking advanced degrees in order to teach at the university level will find in the School of Visual Communication Design a program combining classroom observation, courses dedicated to college teaching, faculty mentoring, and opportunities to teach at the undergraduate level. Experience in undergraduate instruction aids the graduate student in preparing a teaching portfolio necessary to successfully enter academic professions. Undergraduate teaching experience also supports future careers in management, direction, and instructional roles in industry. Graduate teaching assistantships are available to qualified students.